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Leave and Absence

Leave And Absence

Pupils who have been absent from class must have the reason entered in the Regularity Record stating briefly the cause of the absence or delay. Reasons of a private nature may be submitted in a letter. Absence from school in order to study is not allowed. Leave of absence is not granted except with prior written application from the parent or guardian.

Those who come late must show the teacher in charge their regularity record duly signed by the Principal in order to be admitted to the classroom.

All are expected to be present on the opening day of the school session.

No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during school hours. Letters from parents in this regard will not be entertained.

A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, should produce a doctors certificate permitting her to do so.

a) Chicken Pox : Till complete falling of scabs.
b) Cholera : Till the child is completely well.
c) Measles : Two weeks after the - rash disappears
d) Mumps : Until swelling has gone, about one month
e) Whooping cough : Six weeks.
f) Jaundice : Six weeks after recovery.
g) H1NI : Two weeks.